CreativeJam 15 - Escape to Hell

The theme of the 15th Creative Jam was strategy and the technical challenge was "The more you use an action, the worse it performs".The goal was to make a game in 48 hours! We decided to go with a Reverse Tower defense for the theme and for the technical challenge, we decided that abilities of the players were less powerfull when spammed. The goal of the game was to spawn ghosts from paradise and protect them with abilities while you guide them to hell where the party is! I worked mainly on the level design, level art, props modeling for the environment such as the statues, rock etc. It was a big team effort and everyone worked really hard! The members were Nicholas Hétu, Caroline Côté, Inés Setbel, Anthony Lachance, Manu Boucher and myself. Here's the link to the game!

February 11, 2020